2513 UV LED Flatbed Printer | AP200-2513
uv printer
2513 UV LED Flatbed Printer | AP200-2513
2513 UV LED Flatbed Printer | AP200-2513
2513 UV LED Flatbed Printer | AP200-2513
2513 UV LED Flatbed Printer | AP200-2513
2513 UV LED Flatbed Printer | AP200-2513
2513 UV LED Flatbed Printer | AP200-2513
2513 UV LED Flatbed Printer | AP200-2513
2513 UV LED Flatbed Printer | AP200-2513

2513 UV LED Flatbed Printer | AP200-2513

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2513 UV LED Flatbed Printer For Acrylic Spot UV Printing | AP200-2513


AP200-2513 is our ANTPRINT company AP200 series UV flatbed printer with 2.5m*1.3m, it is an industrial flatbed printer developed by our company in response to the needs of our customers. It can be configured with 3-4 nozzles. The printing accuracy is high, the platform is sturdy and durable, and the size can be flexibly customized to meet the printing needs of customers in many industries!

AP200-2513 UV Flatbed Printer Features :

  1. Simple process and fast production. Glass UV flatbed printer printing does not require traditional printing processes such as film, imposition and printing. The printing material is directly sprayed, and the picture is printed quickly. It dries immediately after spraying. It can be stacked after spraying. The picture solidifies quickly and is not easy to damage.
  2. Flexible production to achieve personalized UV flatbed printing. The 2513 acrylic UV flatbed printer can instantly switch the printing screen during production. The production method is very flexible, and it supports white printing and can print on base materials of any color. This expands the application space of UV flatbed printing and brings more business opportunities.
  3. Save a lot of human labor. The wood UV printer is completely computer-controlled production, without heavy labor work, and can adapt to the automated work industry chain. Only one operator can complete all the work, which is convenient and simple. The UV flatbed inkjet printer uses environmentally friendly UV ink, which does not contain harmful substances and odor.


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AP200-2513 UV Printer Application

AP200-2513 UV printer is a digital inkjet printer that uses ultraviolet LED lights to cure coatings. Due to its high quality, high speed and multi-purpose characteristics, it has been widely used in many different industries and fields. The following are common application areas of UV printers:
1)Advertising industry:
UV printer can print high-quality pictures, text and graphics on various materials, such as latex, paper, PVC boards, leaflets and other advertising materials.
2)Packaging industry:
UV flatbed printer can print packaging labels, product names or descriptions, and other image elements on materials such as pressure-sensitive paper tape, plastic, metal, and glass.
3)Wood processing:
Flatbed UV printer can be directly printed on wooden doors, furniture, floors and other wood products, and both natural textures and artificial patterns can be easily printed.
4)Construction real estate and interior decoration: UV printers can directly draw various murals, ceilings and other indoor and outdoor decoration effects, and can also process some smooth or uneven surfaces.

5)Leather products: LED UV Printer can also achieve fast and accurate printing of leather shoes, coin purses and even full-page leather materials.
6)Electronics industry: Multifunctional UV Printer can print and coat various hardware such as PCB boards, electronic parts, mobile phone cases, chargers, etc.
7)Crafts production: UV printing machine can print high-resolution pictures to ceramics, glass, crystal, marble, and metal products, thereby creating various personalized high-end crafts.

AP-1613 UV Printer Show Video

Honeycomb Air Suction Platform
Accuracy 0.05mm

The vacuum adsorption platform is an aluminum honeycomb structure, made of aluminum alloy materials, with extremely high flatness on the surface. In addition to the advantages of aluminum honeycomb panels such as light weight, high strength, high stiffness, bending resistance, and flexural resistance, this platform also has It has the advantages of high flatness, small deflection value, strong adsorption force and scratch resistance. The flatness is generally controlled within 25 wires, and the deflection value is less than 10 wires under 30 kg of force./p>

AP200-2513 UV Printer with_suction platform
AP200-2513 UV_Printer with secondary ink cartridge

Controlled Flow Circulation Ink Supply System
Negative Pressure Ink System

As needed, you can gradually increase or decrease the temperature, or directly enter the target temperature value. Ensure that it is not affected by the outside temperature, and UV ink can produce perfect results even in winter! The secondary ink cartridge is a highlight of the universal flatbed printer. It is also called the controllable flow circulating ink supply system (referred to as the secondary ink cartridge). It can effectively improve work efficiency. It uses two independent negative pressure systems to realize the separation of color ink and white ink. Negative pressure is independently controlled to ensure smoother ink supply and more stable ink supply during high-speed continuous printing. It can ensure continuous and stable ink supply, and there will be no ink breakage!

Overall Welded Steel Frame
Integrated Frame Integrated- Steel Frame

The overall Y-axis surface is precision milled, and the frame is integrally welded with 8cm*16cm square steel to ensure that the steel frame structure is firm, stable and not deformed. The platform base structure is milled with a high-precision gantry milling machine to ensure high-precision output..

AP200-2513 UV printing machine
AP200-2513 uv_printer with screw driver system

Double Screw Drive System

The Y-axis is driven by a ball screw, which has low rotational friction, high movement efficiency, and saves electricity. The required starting torque is small, no crawling occurs, and accurate micro-feed motion can be ensured. The platform operation is more stable, the machine positioning accuracy is more accurate, and the overall output performance of the machine is ensured to be more stable. Moreover, the screw drive has a longer service life;

More Perfect 3D Relief Effect

ANTPRINT's 2513UV flatbed printer adopts a 3-4 nozzle configuration. Its printing speed and effect are far better than other printers on the market. The single output thickness of varnish can reach 0.3 mm, and the 3D relief effect is more prominent;

AP200-2513 UV printer with nice 3d embossment effect
AP200-2513 UV_Printer with 50cm thickness

Max Printing Thickness 50CM

The printer has high-performance motors on both sides, which can automatically lift and adjust the maximum printing thickness from 0-50cm. For products of different thicknesses, printing can be switched freely;

More Reliable Ink Circulation System

Automatically realizes the circulation from the ink cartridge to the ink bag, keeping the ink in a circulating and smooth state at all times, thereby solving the problem of nozzle clogging caused by precipitation, thereby reducing the cost of consumables for the nozzle and waste ink;/p>

Automatic Anti-Clogged Technology

Even when the printer is not working, the nozzle will automatically flash to avoid clogging of the nozzle due to drying and solidification of the nozzle. The printed pattern will be more colorful, rich and realistic.

AP200-2513 UV printer with More reliable ink circulation system

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Professional uv printer

It is a professional uv printer, the quality is nice ! Share to you !

Reliable UV printer

Before purchasing this large-format UV printer AP200-2513, I compared many printers and finally chose ANTPRINT. So far, it seems that my choice is the right one! I use it mainly for acrylic printing and the results are great, my clients love my processed acrylics! Their after-sales team is very professional and their service is timely. They are a very reliable partner! But the first transportation did take me a lot of time, I think I will be more experienced in the future!

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