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      UV printer (Ultraviolet LED Inkjet Printer) is a high-tech plate-free full-color digital printing machine without material restrictions. Color photo-level printing can be performed on T-shirts (based on the textile ink), sliding doors, cabinet doors, sliding doors, glass, plates, various signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather and other surfaces. There is no need for plate making and printing is completed in one go. The colors are beautiful and rich, it is wear-resistant and UV-resistant. It is simple and convenient to operate. It prints images quickly and fully complies with industrial printing standards.

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      UV Flatbed Printer Advantages

      1. Compared with traditional printing, such as heat transfer printing, silk screen printing, etc., there is no need for plate making, film, etc., printing in one piece is simple and efficient.

      2. The operation of the UV printer is simple, and only one person and a computer can complete the entire printing process. Compared with traditional printing, it greatly saves labor and time costs.

      3. The UV printer uses environmentally friendly UV ink, silent guide rails, and UV lamps. There is no waste in the production process, and it has the advantage of being green and environmentally friendly.

      4. UV printers are precise, stable and highly efficient. UV printing is currently the most reproducible production process. It can last for about eight years when used outdoors without obvious color fading or leakage.

      5. Print unique 3D relief effects; through UV white ink accumulation, you can set up different printing relief effects in the software.

      6. Widely used, the application fields cover the advertising industry, building materials industry, handicraft industry, digital product industry, leather industry, toy industry, packaging and printing industry, etc. It also can print nearly any materials, such as metal, wood, glass, pvc, ceramic, leather, acrylic, pc and so on.

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