Warranty Declaration

Thank you for your trust and purchasing our printer! For users’ safety, AntPrint company make this statement publicly. We totally believe that you have the acknowledge of starting your printer, but you should follow the instruction of our user’s guidebook, video and professional technicians.

The date within 30 days after you get the printer, then Ant-Print will follow your every detail until you can operate the machine correctly.

Warranty Range Details:

  1. Because the machine in the application must use special ink, so the print head only guarantee in good condition when you buy. After using the machine,all man-made damage and the following terms and conditions such as the nozzle blocking, pumps and accessories corrosive or cleaning nozzle in a wrong way lead to the main boards & printhead control board burned are outside the scope of free warranty.
  2. Kindly know, printer with 1.5 years warranty and life-time maintenance, Seller will replace the spare parts of printer for buyer free within 1.5 year, except print head, clean unit, CISS (continue ink supply system) and damaged by human, the cost of double-way transportation will be responsible by buyer side.
  3. When buyer receive the goods,please read the instructions carefully (be familiar with the product’s part name),so that we can communicate more easily in time when you come across problems. After read the operate manual, please contact the seller for guidance immediately if something you don’t understand. Our company will not deal with it if customers call seller directory but didn’t read the instructions or don’t familiar with the name of the product components first. If because of buyers do not understand and do not contact seller first but mishandled, or unauthorized disassembling machines, the buyer will assume all the consequences hims.