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      Direct to film printer is the origin name of DTF printer! It prints the design pattern directly onto the PET film, then sprinkles hot melt powder evenly on the pattern, melts it at high temperature and then dries it. Finally, the PET film is cut, and the pattern is hot-pressed through a press. Attached to various types of clothing, the entire clothing printing process can be completed. Why do we focus on this method of clothing printing? This clothing printing method has continued to occupy the clothing printing market share since 2021 and has become one of the current mainstream clothing printing methods. A large part of the reason for the popularity of DTF printers lies in its unique advantages: convenient printing method, short preparation cycle, fast printing speed, high production efficiency, and reliable output quality. Whether it is a need for batch printing in the peak season or a single customer who needs urgent customized clothing during the off-season, it can be easily completed!

        Advantages Of DTF Transfer Printer

        1. Compared with DTG printing, DTF printing does not require spraying pretreatment liquid and reduces the pretreatment process. Compared with screen printing, printing does not require many complicated steps such as plate making and film production. DTF printing only requires the use of drawing software to design the drawing in the early stage, and then follow the technical guidance video to operate the machine correctly to complete printing - dusting - drying - Just follow these few steps.

        2. DTF printing can be washed and scratch-resistant. The wash color fastness reaches level 4-5. If it is a summer T-shirt, it can be worn for two years if washed three times a week.

        3. Widely Application. Compared with DTG printing and sublimation printing, DTF printing can not only break through the limitations of the first two printing methods, but also can be widely used, such as: it can be applied to pure cotton, polyester fiber, wool, nylon, On Lycra, cotton and linen, denim, silk and other fabrics. It can be said that DTF printer is the "universal printing machine" in the clothing industry.

        4. More environmentally friendly. Screen printing has been one of the printing giants in the apparel industry before the emergence of DTF printing. The emergence of DTF printing undoubtedly provides apparel printing manufacturers with a multiple-choice project. Screen printing is famous for its batch printing, which provides reliable printing speed for peak season supply. However, the preparation before printing is very time-consuming and produces a lot of wastewater and pollution during the preparation process. In terms of environmental protection, screen printing is famous for its batch printing. From this perspective, the DTF printing method is more superior: During the printing process of DTF, no exhaust gas or waste water is generated. The machine has a smokeless purifier. The exhaust gas has been consumed inside the machine. During normal printing, just pay attention to prevent hot melt dust from overflowing.

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