13'' Flatbed UV DTF Printer Price For Cup Wraps
13'' Flatbed UV DTF Printer Price For Cup Wraps
13'' Flatbed UV DTF Printer Price For Cup Wraps
13'' Flatbed UV DTF Printer Price For Cup Wraps
13'' Flatbed UV DTF Printer Price For Cup Wraps
13'' Flatbed UV DTF Printer Price For Cup Wraps
13'' Flatbed UV DTF Printer Price For Cup Wraps
13'' Flatbed UV DTF Printer Price For Cup Wraps
13'' Flatbed UV DTF Printer Price For Cup Wraps

13'' Flatbed UV DTF Printer Price For Cup Wraps

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13'' Flatbed UV DTF Sticker Laminating Printer Price For Cup Wraps 


AP-A3pro flatbed UV DTF Printer is a new uv dtf prints machine that add the suction system based on the uv flatbed printer. UV dtf printer with the same uv ink with uv flatbed printer, we can use it for printing on the uv dtf sticker film, laminating FilmA+FilmB, and then transfer on nearly any materials! As it is developed from the uv flatbed printer, so it not only can do the uv dtf prints, but also can do the flatbed uv printing directly. If you need both transfer and direct printing, our AP-A3pro flatbed uv dtf printer will be a great option for you!

Main Features

  1. It can work as the normal uv printer that flatbed printing directly on your products.
  2. UV DTF Transfer sticker: print on the film and then sticker on products.
  3. Double printhead that can print with white ink + colorful ink + uv varnish oil layer at the same time.
  4. White ink circulation system + ink flash function that prevent the nozzles from clogged.
  5. Automatic anti-blocking technology

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flatbed uv dtf printer

1. Direct To Print On Products
No need transfer film sticker

If your printing surface is flatbed, or the products is standerd cylinder shape, AP-A3pro UV DTF Printer that can print on the products directly, no need any uv dtf film transfer sticker

2. Print on Film Then Transfer Sticker

2.1 If your printed products size is too big to print directly, then you can consider transfer sticker.
2.2. If your printing surface is not flatbed, you can consider sticker.

UV DTF Prints

What are the applications of UV DTF Printing in daily cultural creation and customization fields:
① Used for brand promotion, no matter what gifts you think of (water cups, tea cans, mice, gift boxes, handicrafts, etc.), wherever you need to paste them, as long as you paste the company's VI logo, it will be a mobile advertisement!
② Used for personalization and customization of unique limited editions. For weddings, conferences, and exhibitions, affixing exclusive uv dtf sticker labels will give you a full sense of ceremony and is even more nice!
③ It is used in wine, cosmetics packaging and other industries, but there are more applications that have not been discovered. With the further promotion of uv dtf film sticker labels, the application of crystal labels will cover all walks of life and various uses!

uv dtf trasfer sticker

Flatbed A3 UV DTF

Demo Video
direct to uv printing

Direct To Print Application
Help you save the PE film sticker cost

1. Advertising industry: Desktop UV flatbed machines can be used to produce various advertising materials, such as leaflets, posters, banners, etc.
2. Packaging industry: The printing and coating of packaging boxes, color boxes, cartons and other products can be completed using desktop UV flatbed machines.
3. Electronic product industry: Desktop UV flatbed machines can be used to print panels and casings of various electronic products.
4. Cultural and creative products: Desktop UV flatbed machines can be used in the production of cultural and creative products, such as picture albums, postcards, decorative paintings, etc.
5. Gift customization industry: Desktop UV flatbed machines can be used for customization and printing of various types of gifts.

Direct To UV Printing Video

3 layer - Printing At The Same Time

1) white ink layer: When printing white ink and pasting it on dark objects, the display effect can be very beautiful.
2) CMYK color layer: the design that you print on the film.
3) UV Varnish Oil Layer: make your uv dtf film sticker looks shiny

uv dtf printer for cup wraps

UV DTF Printer For Cup Wraps

Using uv dtf printer for cup wraps not only saves costs, but also can produce different printing process effects: color cup labels, glossy cup labels, matte cup labels, hot stamping, silver hot stamping, laser phantom effects, 3D relief effects, etc.; After printing, just paste it directly on the cup. The adhesion is very strong and suitable for small batch custom processing. Remove the film and leave the words.

With Suction Platform
Aluminum-magnesium alloy hard oxidation adsorption platform

Thick aluminum adsorption platform equipped with a powerful blower, the surface has been specially treated to prevent corrosion and scratches.

uv dtf printer with suction platform

Suction Platform

uv dtf printer with grinding screw

Silent Guide Rail

Dual linear silent guide rails greatly reduce the noise generated by the equipment during high-speed movement, making the printing environment quieter and more comfortable.

Ink Alarm System

Ink alarm system: promptly reminds the operator to add ink before the ink run out , so there is no need to worry about refilling the ink because the ink tube enters the air due to forgetting to add ink.

dtg printer with ink alarm system
uv dtf printer with white ink circulation system

White Ink Circulation System

The white ink circulation system can keep the ink flowing, thereby preventing the white ink from clogging the ink continuous ink supply system and nozzles due to precipitation. For printers, this is the most basic but important function, and it is related to the length of the nozzle life.

The AP-1F printer adopts the most stable motor and pump in the world. It has no noise and stable performance. Its service life can reach more than 10 years.

Variable droplet technology

Different inkjet solutions can be used according to different printing materials. The printing color is accurate, with clear layers, uniform and over-color, and partial dullness.

Automatic anti-blocking technology

When the printer is not working, the nozzle will automatically flash to keep it moist to avoid clogging caused by ink solidification, and the colors will be bright and realistic.

CMYK Color + White + Varnish

The printer has 6 ink bottles, which are used to add CMYK 4 colors + white ink + UV varnish. The printing color is more accurate and the colors are bright. The varnish effect can also make your products look shiny and better protected. pattern!

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Good quality

I use my uv Dtf printer on the water bottles and mug cups, the color and scratchproof ability is nice !

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