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Antprint Co., Limited.
To Be Your Best Printing Business Partner !

ANTPRINT focuses on serving all small, medium and micro enterprises who want to establish printing projects, and is committed to the research and development, production, sales, quality inspection and after-sales service of DTF printer, UV DTF printer, UV flatbed printer, DTG printer, wall printer, eco solvent printer, and food printer. The business involves the supply of printer related consumable inks (UV ink, textile ink, edible ink, eco-solvent ink, dtf ink, pigment ink etc.), nozzles cleaning liquid, coatings, fixing agent, varnish, cleaning units, heat transfer machines and other products

The name "AntPrint" comes from "Small But Powerful Like The Ant", which means "Our strategy is "pit one against ten" based on our professional, passion and efforts ". It is intended to gather and build a different company team, strong and Full of personality, we pursue the "new world" together! "Gather the water drops and rush into the sea; invite climbers together and climb the mountain to become the peak; rush in together and share the joy of the top of the mountain." This is the company's initiating words to find like-minded teams and partners; "Cooperation and division of labor; seeking common ground while reserving differences; independence and responsibility; growth and win-win" are the basic concepts of the company's platform building."

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Our Mission & Five Values

Company mission

The company takes "Escort All Small & Medium-Sized Companies's Printing Business Item" as its sense of mission. All company teams will always practice and improve our mission with a pure heart, and provide the most suitable solutions for all small and medium-sized enterprises that have needs for printing projects. Products and the most satisfactory service!

Our Five Values


"All trade transactions are based on customer trust"
1.1 Customers’ needs, problems and wishes are the direction of all our efforts;
1.2 Customer complaints must be fully accepted and efforts made to improve;

Embrace Change 

“The only constant is change”
1.1 Develop new methods and ideas with an open mind at work;
1.2 Face the changes, difficulties, opportunities, and challenges caused by uncontrollable factors, work hard to solve them, and successfully overcome your own inertial resistance.

Passion and Struggle 

"Passion is the greatest fighting force, we are strivers-oriented"
1.1 Stay optimistic and never give up;
1.2 Improve personal comprehensive abilities and achieve personal achievements through your own efforts and dedication;

Studious and Pragmatic 

"The future is full of variability. Only by continuous learning and practice can we become the trendsetter of the times."
1.1 【Eager to learn】 The home court of the marathon is not in the frontcourt, but in the second half.
Everyone’s starting point and current situation are different. The strong will be eliminated if they don’t make progress, while the weak will grow up and become stronger if they are willing to learn;
1.2 【Pragmatic】 Pay attention to reality and advocate the spirit of hard work
Reject vanity, reject fantasy, and despise flashiness


"A single string cannot make a sound; a single tree cannot make a forest."

1.1 Actively share your knowledge and experience;
1.2 Take the initiative to provide necessary help to colleagues;
1.3 Be good at using the strength of the team to solve problems and difficulties.

2.1 Be good at cooperating with different types of colleagues, do not bring personal preferences into work, and fully embody the principle of "treating the matter rather than the person";
2.2 Have a sense of ownership, positively influence the team, and improve team morale and atmosphere;
2.3 Actively provide well-intentioned suggestions to colleagues and help them improve;

Our Business Philosophy

"Using our professional knowledge, skills and services to provide customers with the best products at the same price" is our business philosophy.