Direct To Wall Art Printing Machine Price For Sale | E Series
Direct To Wall Art Printing Machine Price For Sale | E Series
Direct To Wall Art Printing Machine Price For Sale | E Series
Direct To Wall Art Printing Machine Price For Sale | E Series

Direct To Wall Art Printing Machine Price For Sale | E Series

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Direct To Custom Large Photo Wall Art Printing Machine Also For Glass Metal Wall 

The E series is ANTPRINT's computer-embedded wall art printing machine. This wall art printer itself comes with an embedded computer and is closely connected to the printer. The operator can move and operate printing very conveniently!  E series printing on wall machine also has the led uv system, so it also can print on the metal, wood, glass, pvc, acrylic, ceramic wall etc., the wall printed design can dry at once, with 3d quality, also it can help you print on the dark background wall surface !

" E " Series Wall Art Prints Machine Features:

  1. Embedded with computer.
  2. Fast printing speed.
  3. Automatical printing.
  4. Surface tracking printing.
  5. Laser positioning.
  6. Big wheel with guide rail for both indoor and outdoor.
  7. Foldable rails.
  8. Automatic cleaning nozzle.

Printer Parameter:

 Products Name Antprint E series custom wall printing machine
Printer head quantity 2 pcs printer heads
UV system or not Installed the uv system
USB port high speed USB3.0
Telescopic function Intelligent automatic scaling
Printer weight 80kg
Printer materials aluminum alloy
Max printing height 2.5 meter ( we can help you custom the
max printing height size according to your requirement)
Printing speed low speed model: 4-5 SQ.M per hour.
Printing speed Middle speed model: 8-9 SQ.M per hour.
Printing speed High speed model: 12-15 SQ.M per hour
Wall Prints resolution 2880*1440*720*360 DPI

High-Quality Printing On A Wide Range Wall Application

Used for printing various types of wall murals, such as offices, homes, rural cultural walls, etc.Urban cultural walls, campus murals and graffiti, restaurants, entertainment venues, government propaganda, government culture wall spray painting in various scenes walls.

UV Ink For different Materials Wall Prints

The diameter of the pigment particles in V ink is less than 1 micron, does not contain volatile organic solvents, has ultra-low viscosity and no pungent odor, which ensures that the ink will not clog the nozzle during the jet printing process. After six months of high-temperature storage testing, there is no pigment agglomeration. , subsidence, delamination and other abnormal phenomena.

UV ink dries immediately after spraying, and can be matched with various types of nozzle UV flatbed printers on the market.UV ink is suitable for printing metal, glass, ceramics, PC, PVC, ABS and other materials. The cured ink layer has high hardness, good adhesion, scrub resistance, solvent resistance and high gloss. UV inks are available in C, M, Y, K, white,6 colors, and sun protection level 7-8.

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3d wall printing machine

Large 3d Photo Prints For Walls

3D wall painting machine: a magical tool that turns walls into works of art. In our daily lives, we often see a lot of graffiti and paintings on the walls of many buildings. These paintings not only make the buildings more beautiful, but also make people feel the atmosphere of art.

Now, with the 3D wall painting machine, we can turn the wall into a work of art more easily.The 3D wall painting machine is a machine that can paint patterns and text on the wall. This kind of machine can process patterns and text in 3D, making the patterns and text on the wall more three-dimensional and vivid. At the same time, this machine can be customized according to user needs, allowing users to freely design the patterns and text they want.

3d wall printer
3d wall prints machine

Professional & Excellent Paid Printing Software

Maintop software has strong functions in image and text editing and typesetting. It has powerful image and text editing functions and professional color separation management functions, which can easily complete various complex color separation processing tasks. The interface of this software is simple and intuitive, users can easily complete various editing operations as needed, and it is very rich in functions.

Compared with the free version software provided by most manufacturers on the market, the color output effect of the professional paid version of the Maintop software far exceeds that of the free version of the software!

wall printer with professional software
wall printer adjust the printing distance auto

Ultrasound Probe Sensing, Automatically Adjusts The Printable Distance

The automatic sensing device includes a sensing device fixed on the environmentally friendly painting equipment.The connecting plate is fixed on the telescopic machine head assembly and is electrically connected to the control system. The upper and lower ends of the telescopic machine head assembly are equipped with sensing devices, which solves the problem that existing wall painting machines need to pause midway to manually adjust the machine head and work.

For surface spacing issues, the working surface can be automatically tracked without manual adjustment, reducing the possibility of damage to the working surface and machine head.

Position Cross Cursor

The light emitted by laser positioning is clear, bright, with uniform lines, high collimation, intuitive, edible, good stability, and easy to operate.

Laser positioning can be very convenient for users to complete the measurement and debugging of printing distance. If the operator needs to splice and print very large-format patterns, the role of laser positioning will be even more obvious, and it is a rare and good helper!

wall printer with laser positioning
uv wall printer with auto clean unit

Auto Nozzle Clean Unit

Automatic cleaning unit functions:
1. Protect the nozzle. The automatic cleaning device can automatically adsorb on the surface of the nozzle, which can effectively prevent the nozzle from being hit when we move the printer.

2. Automatically clean the nozzle. After the printer has been working for a long time, the nozzles are easily clogged. If you manually clean the nozzles every time, the workload is huge and tedious. The automatic cleaning unit can effectively solve this problem and help you clean the nozzles quickly and automatically.

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