Custom T-shirt Printing Machine For Small Business Direct To T shirt Printer

Do you want to custom T-shirt Printing just for 1 pcs tshirt ? AntPrint direct to t shirt printer that is easy to help you custom printing on the tshirts, just edit your design in computer and print out directly, the printing is fast and very easy! It will be the great business partner!

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Direct To T Shirt Printer For T-shirt Printing Features

1. The height can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range of 0~17CM to perform color photo-level printing on the surface of finished and semi-finished products of various garments.
2. Whether it is a simple quick color pattern or a full color pattern. Printing can be completed in one go, without the need for film plate making, printing and repeated color registration. The colors are bright and rich, and the layers are distinct. bright. The effect is lifelike, the image is waterproof, sun-proof, wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, does not fade, the operation is simple and convenient, the speed is fast, the scrap rate is zero, and no intermediate consumables are required.
3. Replace traditional special printing (silk screen printing, thermal transfer printing, water transfer printing), saving more than 80% of the overall cost.
4. Suitable for garment product factories for sample proofing and color printing processing of small batch products. Workers do not need experience to operate. We can help users expand new businesses, greatly improve work efficiency, and exponentially reduce production costs.

Direct To T shirt Printer Advantages

1. It is a cost-effective machine for DIY personalized pattern printing, with low printing cost, simple operation and easy to use;
2. T-shirt printer ink is environmentally friendly and will not cause pollution to the environment;
3. The T-shirt printer has strong stability in use;
4. The printed finished product has good air permeability and clear patterns;
5. It can be produced in large quantities and has high production efficiency;
6. MOQ 1 pcs tshirt is available.

T shirt Printing

Direct To T Shirt Printer

Just edit well your design in computer and print out directly

t shirt printing machine for small business

T-shirt Printing Machine For Small Business

By providing personalized customization services, you can create unique T-shirts for customers to meet their individual needs. All you need is a computer, a printer and some T-shirts to easily start this entrepreneurial project. By making great efforts in design, quality, price, etc., and providing customers with professional and distinctive customized services, you will be able to succeed in this market.
What will you need for startup your custom t-shirt printing business?
1. Computer * 1set ($150-250/set): use for edit your design and sent printing task to your printer.
2. Direct to tshirt printer*1set ($2580 - $4280/set) : use for printing design on the tshirt surface directly.
3. Heating machine*1set.($100 - $250/set): use for heating for drying at once.
4. Textile ink*1set ($100-$120/set, can print about 1000 pcs tshirt by one set ink): work with the printer.

customed printed tshirts by t shirt printer
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