3D Vertical Mural Wall Printer Machine also Floor Printing
3D Vertical Mural Wall Printer Machine also Floor Printing
3D Vertical Mural Wall Printer Machine also Floor Printing
3D Vertical Mural Wall Printer Machine also Floor Printing
3D Vertical Mural Wall Printer Machine also Floor Printing
3D Vertical Mural Wall Printer Machine also Floor Printing
3D Vertical Mural Wall Printer Machine also Floor Printing
continue ink supply system for the pigment ink
UV ink continue ink supply system

3D Vertical Mural Wall Printer Machine also Floor Printing

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"E" Seriels 3D Vertical Mural Wall Art Printer Machine also Floor Printing


Antprint "M" seriels wall printer is a kind of multifunctional 3d vertical mural wall printer, which can direct to wall printing, also can do the horizontal ground / floor printing. Based on the printer installed the uv system, it can work with both pigment ink and uv ink. Pigment ink special for the only normal white latex paint surface, uv ink that can print on the different materials wall, such as metal wall, wood, glass, ceramic, acrylic, pvc materials, also can print on the putty wall, cement wall, red brick wall etc. Wall Printer that can work both indoor and outdoor, the max printing size also can be customed according to your requirement!

Main Features

  • 2 in 1 both vertical wall and horizontal ground printing.
  • UV system: you can work with uv ink or pigment ink.
  • For printing on the different materials.
  • Both white and dark wall printing.
  • Professional paid genuine software.
  • Big wheel help you work indoor directly.
  • Adjustable horizontal rails help you work outdoors even on the uneven floors.
  • Automatic infrared sensing and adjustment of printing distance.


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2 in 1 wall printer also for ground printing

UV Wall Printer

For Anything Printing

AP-M2 UV wall printer is equipped with a UV system (UV continuous ink supply system + UV lamp system + UV cooling system), so the printer can add special UV ink. UV ink can print on surfaces of different materials, such as metal, ceramics, glass, acrylic, stone, wood , etc.
Of course, you can not only print directly on regular latex paint walls, but also print on red brick walls, cement Wall, putty wall, imitation tile wall, etc.

For more Wall Printing Demo Video, welcome to visitANTPRINT YOUTUBE

wall printing on different materials
wall printer outdoor printing

Community Art Wall

Turning the monotonous white walls of the community into colorful wall paintings, the art of wall paintings with great tension has become a new trend in community decoration, and wall printers are very popular.

Art Your House

Have you just thought about how to hang an artistic quote indoors? This is so cliche! Let's decorate your house together and make it look unique and colorful from the outside today!

wall printing art your house wall
wall printing on the company culture wall

Company culture wall

The corporate culture wall is a cultural display window or cultural display plane that integrates the essence of corporate culture, the spiritual outlook of corporate employees, the spiritual style of corporate teams, corporate pioneering and innovative spirit, and the spirit of contribution to society. Corporate culture walls include LOGO walls, logo walls, cultural slogan walls, etc. It is to express the company's corporate image, convey the corporate culture, show the strength of the company, impress customers on the company, and increase the company's visibility.
How to do it? A wall printer makes it easy!

Sports Promotion Wall

If you have an attractive sports wall, will it make you want to exercise? Why not let your sports wall have a set of photos of various athletes training, resting, laughing, and thinking in the stadium! How different and youthful it will look!

wall printing on the stadium culture wall
Themed restaurant wall printing

Themed Restaurant Wall

Theme restaurants provide customers with the basic places they need to eat through a series of attraction signs centered on one or more historical or other themes. Its biggest feature is to give a general restaurant a certain theme and create the restaurant's business atmosphere around the established theme: all products, services, colors, shapes and activities in the restaurant serve the theme, making the theme a feature that makes it easy for customers to identify the restaurant. and stimuli that produce consumption behavior. Use a wall printer machine to customize a theme for your restaurant. This will make your customers fall in love with your restaurant even more!

Vertical Printing On Truck

Have you ever thought that you can print on a truck? Yes, we are happy to tell you that this wall printer can not only print on walls, but also print vertically on your cars and trucks! It sounds incredible, but with the help of UV inks and UV systems, printing on trucks is a breeze!

For more Wall Printing Demo Video, welcome to visitANTPRINT YOUTUBE

vertical printing on the car

Vertical Metal Door Printing Video

ground printing

Ground Printing

After simple structural modifications, the wall printer can be used for horizontal printing, such as customizing your parking lot, customizing your basketball court, printing on the floor of your shopping mall, etc.

Dual Ultrasonic Sensors

The wall printer is equipped with two ultrasonic sensors, with upper and lower double-sensing curved surface tracking and automatic positioning.

Automatically identify uneven walls of 2-5 mm, and automatically extend and retract the machine head to ensure high-precision printing.

wall priner with Infrared automatic sensing
UV ink continue ink supply system

UV Ink Continuous Supply System

The UV system can be used to work with UV ink to print on walls of different materials.

Water-Based Pigment Ink Continuous Supply System

The continuous supply system can be used to work with pigment ink, specifically used to print conventional white latex paint walls

continue ink supply system for the pigment ink
wall printer with professional maintop software

Professional Paid Genuine Maintop Software

Compared with free printing software, the installation process of genuine software is simpler, the printing software does not have bugs, and the printed colors are more delicate and beautiful, and the quality is better!

Large Rubber Wheels

1.The rubber wheel has strong friction, thereby ensuring the printer's horizontal and high-precision output printing;
2.Silent movement;
3.When you print indoors, you can start printing directly without touching the horizontal guide rails.

For more Wall Printing Demo Video, welcome to visit ANTPRINT YOUTUBE

wall printer with big wheel

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Customer Reviews

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A good machine

The machine was in very good condition, and after trying to print on paper, it was very good, but I want to try it on the wall. As for customer service, they were quick to respond and they helped solve the problem!


i got my machine yesterday, thanks for your fast shipping

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