Single Pass Printer

Single Pass Printer


      Single Pass Pizza Corrugated Box Printer 

      Single pass printer also called one pass printer that just do the single pass digital printing with fast speed, it is the best direct to package printing solution until now, whatever you want to print, the single pass printer can help you offer right solutions! Many people use it for batch printing on the corrugated box, napkin, pizza box, sustainable cardboard, paper bags, plastic bags, envelopes, pouches, tags, coasters, greating cards, postcards and so on. 

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      New Onepass Printer Key Features & Functions

      1. Single pass printing method - Different from the scanning printing method of traditional printers, the head position of the OnePass printer is fixed. The product to be printed is conveyed through a conveyor belt at the bottom. When the object passes the sensing device in front of the head, the inkjet work begins and the ink is sprayed to the designated position of the product. It is a multi-functional, multi-industry, and multi-field service equipment with stable performance, good precision, fast speed, and long life. It is suitable for advertising processing, handicraft industry, decorative painting industry, mobile phone case color printing production and other industries. It can completely replace traditional human art processes such as screen printing, pad printing, transfer printing, water transfer printing, offset printing, etc., and give full play to its advantages to reduce enterprise costs.

      2.Technical features -OnePass printing uses innovative technology to complete multiple printing tasks at one time. The print head can print all colors in one pass through the print media, greatly improving work efficiency. Traditional printing presses (such as screen printing) usually require multiple passes through the print media to complete all colors, while OnePass printers achieve the goal of completing all colors in a single pass.

      3. Application - One Pass printers are widely used in the packaging and printing industry, and can quickly print labels and packages of various shapes and sizes, such as food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, beverage bottle labels, etc. It is also suitable for printing packaging materials such as cartons, gift boxes, paper bags, white cardboard, envelopes, etc.

      4. Printing efficiency -OnePass printer is specially developed for mass production on assembly lines. It uses photoelectric positioning to ensure the accurate printing position of each item. In multiple production scenarios, such as mass printing and coding on cardboard, wood, plastic, metal, cartons, paper boxes, lunch boxes, small handicrafts, etc., single pass printer can play an efficient role.

      Anyway, the OnePass printer has become an important innovation in modern printing technology with its unique printing method, technical features, printing method diversity, wide application areas and high printing efficiency.

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