Cheap A3 DTF Printer For Beginners | AntPrint
Cheap A3 DTF Printer For Beginners | AntPrint
Cheap A3 DTF Printer For Beginners | AntPrint
Cheap A3 DTF Printer For Beginners | AntPrint

Cheap A3 DTF Printer For Beginners | AntPrint

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Cheap A3 DTF Printer For Beginners | AntPrint

Unlock Your Creativity with Our A3 DTF Printer – Perfect for Beginners! With simple setup and intuitive controls, you'll be turning your ideas into reality in no time. Whether you're dreaming up custom apparel, personalized gifts, or unique merchandise, our a3 DTF Printer makes it easy to bring your vision to life.

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White Circulation System

White ink circulation system serves to prevent settling of ink particles, ensure uniformity in ink viscosity, and minimize the risk of clogs in the ink lines and print head. By continuously circulating and agitating the white dtf ink, this system helps to achieve vibrant and accurate colors, particularly when printing on dark or colored fabrics.

Full Auto Ink Stack

Compared with the old-fashioned collision-type ink stack, the automatic lifting ink stack makes the maintenance convenience of the DTF printer and the stability of the ink stack use better and better. The alignment accuracy of the ink stack nozzle and the printer nozzle is also further improved. Its lifting accuracy and controllability are also getting higher and higher.

dtf transfer printer with auto clean unit
dtf printing machine with suction platform

Air Suction Platform

During the printing process of a dtf printing, the dtf film should be relatively thin and it is printing continuously. The air suction platform can fix the dtf film well so that the printing job can stop normally. The vacuum adsorption platform is made of aluminum honeycomb structure and is made of aluminum alloy. Has high flatness. In addition to the advantages of light weight, high strength, high rigidity, and bending resistance. Aluminum honeycomb panels also have the advantages of high flatness, small deflection, large adsorption force, scratch resistance, and wear resistance.

Faster & Reduce 80% maintenance

1. The independent board printing machine will not have the problem of printing slowdown in the later stage like the modified machine during use.
2. The printing accuracy and printing speed of independent card machines are much higher than those of modified machines. At the same time, the maintenance and maintenance of the nozzles are simpler than those of modified machines. Many independent models have automatic nozzle cleaning and automatic sealing functions after the machine is shut down. In this way, the maintenance procedures of the machine are greatly simplified and the probability of nozzle failure is reduced.

dtf printing machine's control panel

More User-Friendly Operation Interface

1. LED Display: can help you know the printer status timely.
2. Printhead- Left: control the printer head move left.
3. Printhead -Right Move: Control the dtf printer head move right side.
4. Backward: move the dtf film backward.
5. Forward: Move the dtf film forward.
6. Clean: Help you do the nozzle cleaning automatically.
7. OK: entry/ confirm.

Paid version Software & Professional ICC Profile

Friendly Software in different languages computer systems & Internazionle Color Consortium
Compared with the free printing software on the market, AP-1F2 is equipped with a paid version of MAINTOP software (consumers do not need to pay any more). Not only can it be installed and used smoothly on computer systems in different countries and languages, but the software is also better in color. Outstanding performance in management can make the restoration of color output close to 99.99%.

dtf printer with icc profile
dtf printer's maintop software with dongle

Applicatoin & Quality

DTF printers can work on a wide range of materials commonly used in the textile industry, offering flexibility in printing options for different types of garments, accessories, and promotional items. It's essential to ensure compatibility between the printer, ink, and fabric type to achieve optimal results.

  • Cotton: DTF printing is particularly well-suited for cotton fabrics, including cotton t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel items.
  • Polyester: DTF printing also works effectively on polyester fabrics, such as polyester blends commonly used in sportswear, activewear, and sublimated garments.
  • Blends: DTF printers can handle various fabric blends, including cotton-polyester blends, which are popular in many types of clothing.
  • Nylon: Some DTF printers are capable of printing on nylon fabrics, which are commonly used in activewear, swimwear, and outerwear.
  • Lycra/Spandex: DTF printing can be used on fabrics containing Lycra or spandex for stretchable garments such as leggings, yoga pants, and compression wear.
  • Silk fabrics: DTF prints is suitable for printing on silk fabrics, offering a luxurious finish for silk scarves, ties, and other accessories.
  • Canvas: DTF printing can also be used on canvas materials, making it suitable for printing on canvas bags, shoes, and other accessories.
  • Synthetic Fabrics: DTF printers can work on various synthetic fabrics such as rayon, viscose, and modal, providing versatility in textile printing applications.

Just 6 Steps - Start Your Business

dtf printing step no.1
dtf printing - dtf printer direct print
dtf printing - oven dry about 2 minutes
dtf printing - heating transfer on tshirt
dtf printing peel off the dtf transfer film
dtf printing waterproof quality


Printed T-shirts, whether black or white, are waterproof, scratch-proof, and sun-resistant.

dtf printing with thousands color

High Degree of Color Reproduction

DTF ink can print more colors, and the heat transfer process has full colors, restores more realistic colors of the original image, and achieves high photo-quality printing effects.

dtf printing easy to tear off the film

Both Cold & Hot Peel off

  • Cold Peel: wait for about 3 minutes after heating.
  • Hot Peel: The film can be peeled off directly after heat pressing.

Wide Range Of Fabrics

DTF printing can be applied to apparel (t-shirts, hoodies), home textiles (curtains, bed linens), accessories (bags, hats), promotional items (tote bags, flags), sports/activewear (jerseys, leggings), flags/banners, personalized gifts (photo blankets, pillows), and art décor (canvas prints).

dtf printing for wide use
dtf prints
dtf printing

Packing & Shipping

Standard Configuration (only printer)
1. Maintop Software + Dongle USB*1set✅ 2."+" Screw driver*1pcs✅ 3.Extra Damper✅ 4. Extra Ink pipe *2pcs✅ 5.Ink tool *2pcs✅ 6. Extra flat-cables✅ 7. Extra screws*2 packs✅ 8. power cable✅ cable✅

Standard configuration (printer + ink + powder)
1. Maintop Software + Dongle USB*1set✅ 2."+" Screw driver*1pcs✅ 3.Extra Damper✅ 4. Extra Ink pipe *2pcs✅ 5.Ink tool *2pcs✅ 6. Extra flat-cables✅ 7. Extra screws*2 packs✅ 8. power cable✅ cable✅ 10. DTF Ink CMYKW 5 color*1set*250ml per color✅ 11. DTF Film*100m✅ 12.Nozzle cleaning liquid *1 set*250ml✅ 13. Powder*1 pack*1kg ✅

dtf printer packing list
dtf transfer printer packing wooden box

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