Corrugated Box Printer Corrugated Plastic Printing Machine
Corrugated Box Printer Corrugated Plastic Printing Machine
Corrugated Box Printer Corrugated Plastic Printing Machine
Corrugated Box Printer Corrugated Plastic Printing Machine
Corrugated Box Printer Corrugated Plastic Printing Machine

Corrugated Box Printer Corrugated Plastic Printing Machine

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Economic Corrugated Box Printer Corrugated Plastic Printing Machine

Corrugated printer AP200-OnePas650 is a device specifically used for printing on corrugated cardboard. It can directly print picture design, text, logos, etc. on corrugated and corrugated plastic. It is commonly used on corrugated boxes, corrugated display racks, cushioning packaging materials, customized gift boxes, product packaging boxes and other products.

Main Features

  1. Strong adaptability: It can adapt to corrugated cardboard, which has a certain thickness and special surface characteristics.
  2. High-precision printing: It can print relatively fine patterns, texts and other contents.
  3. Diversified colors: It can present rich colors to meet different design needs.


  1. Improve efficiency: Compared with traditional printing methods, it is more convenient to operate and can complete printing tasks quickly. 
  2. Personalized customization: It is convenient to realize various personalized patterns and logo printing to meet the diverse needs of the market.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: It has a good cost advantage when printing in small batches or on demand.
  4. Environmental protection: Some corrugated printers use environmentally friendly inks to reduce pollution to the environment.

Corrugated printers are widely used in packaging printing and other fields, which helps companies improve the beauty and personalization of product packaging.


Printer Model  AP200-OnePas650
Print head configuration EpsonI3200U*(4 pcs - 8 pcs )
Print range Max print width 650mm, unlimited length
Print resolution 2880dpi*1440dpi*720dpi*360dpi
Print thickness 150mm
Ink type Pigment ink / dye ink / UV Ink
Print software Maintop Color Management Software

Applicable material

Corrugated paper, cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper and other full range of packaging surface paper

Print color method


Printing speed

High speed   180×180dpi / 350pass   86/H

High speed   180×360dpi / 230pass   65/H

High speed   360*360dpi / 120pass   32/H

High speed   360*720dpi / 76 pass    21/H

High speed   720*720dpi / 45Pass    16/hour

High speed   720*1440dpi / 2 8 Pass   11/hour

Graphic format TIFF (RGB & CMYK), BMP, PDF, EPS, JPEG, AI, PSD, etc.
Printer /packing size 2000*2200*1650mm /2200*2400*1950mm
N.W. / G.W.  350kg / 420kg


1. Visual positioning printing;
2. Imported negative pressure system, convenient for ink extraction and prevents nozzle blockage;
3. Able to handle a variety of different cardboard or porous products;
4. High-quality conveyor belt, stable transmission;
5. Uninterrupted printing, no production stop due to board damage;
6. High-quality original nozzle, no need for frequent replacement; 7. Simple design for easy maintenance, ensuring simple operation and maintenance; 8. Powerful image management and data collection software

Thin Paper Printing

Corrugated Box Printing

custom printed boxes

Custom Printed Paper Box

Customized paper box printers let imagination no longer be limited! Whether it is a simple style or a gorgeous style, it can easily handle it. Quickly give the paper box an exclusive imprint to meet your various customization needs, create attractive packaging for your products, and lead the market trend.

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Printed Substainable Carboard

The Substainable carboard box printer is the perfect combination of modern technology and environmental protection concepts! This magical device is specially designed for recyclable paper boxes, and it can create amazing printing effects on these environmentally friendly materials.

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custom print design on the food package

Printed Products Box

With the product box printer, the box is no longer just a container to protect the product, but also a messenger to convey emotions and value. It uses unique printing technology to create amazing visual effects, allowing your product to capture the hearts of consumers at the first time.

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Custom Printed Pizza Boxes

Your pizza box is no longer just an ordinary package, but a window to tell stories and convey emotions. Pizza box printing machine makes your pizza brand stand out from many competitors and adds a special touch to your food journey. Whether it is a creative pattern or a warm and touching message, it can be presented on the pizza box through this pizza box printer.

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Food sealing box

Printed Sealed Box

Have you ever thought about making your food sealed box look different? Corrugated printers can not only use conventional water-based inks, but also add UV inks to print on food sealed boxes of different materials, allowing them to help you convey warmth, art, brand stories, etc.

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printed corrugated box

Printed Corrugated Box

Corrugated custom printer - a magical tool that gives new life to corrugated paper. It makes ordinary corrugated paper extraordinary in an instant, and becomes a powerful assistant in various industries with its unique customization ability. From creative design to practical application, it can show unparalleled charm and witness the wonderful transformation of corrugated paper.

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Customer Reviews

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This is a high-value printer

Since I got this custom corrugated box printer, I no longer have to ask others to pay high plate-making fees. I can customize and print the paper boxes I want very easily and quickly.

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