New Technology Direct To Metal Photo Art Wall Prints Machine

Have you ever thought about customizing your desired artistic photo on a vertical metal wall?
If you have had this idea recently, then today’s new technology art wall printer will be very suitable for you!

Antprint metal wall prints machine

Vertical Metal Wall Prints Machine

Yes, the vertical wall printer can directly and quickly customize any photos you want on the metal wall surface. Just simply edit the art photos you want to print on your computer, and the printer will output them on your wall easily and quickly!
✅Direct to print on the metal wall surface.
✅Both text and photo/images can be printed.
✅Dry at once.
✅Custom printing.

Direct to wall print & hand-drawing

Compared with traditional hand-drawing, vertical wall prints machine does not require skilled technicians and does not need to wait for a long time to complete, and the accuracy of printer printing is much higher than that of hand-drawing!

Vertical Wall Printing Video Show

You can easily customize your metal wall art photos in three simple steps!

1. Select and edit the artistic photos you want to print;
2. Input the photos to be printed into professional printing software;
3. The wall printer automatically prints;

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