2024 The Best A3 DTG Printer For Small Business

A good T-shirt printer can always save you a lot of unnecessary trouble, but choosing a bad printer will not only waste your money and time, but also a great waste of your energy! Today, let us compare the traditional T-shirt printing processes and find out which T-shirt printer is most suitable for starting a small business in the latest year!

Traditional T-shirt Printing Solutions

1. Screen T-shirt printing and film production are expensive, and the cost of plate making and printing are high;
2. Color correction is complex and cannot be modified once the version is finalized;
3. The process is cumbersome and the production cycle is long;
4. Screen printing dots cannot be eliminated and mass production is required;
5. Thermal transfer uses sublimation ink to first print the picture on the transfer paper, and then transfer it to the surface of the medium. There are several difficult problems to solve: color deviation and positioning deviation. The finished picture is also easier to scratch off, and the firmness Poor, generally need to spray another layer of protective film. In addition, transfer printing on special media also requires flexographic printing.
6. Traditional sign production generally uses the method of engraving + corrosion + color paint filling, or laser engraving, which can only produce monochrome signs and cannot do anything with colored patterns.
7. Multiple overprinting will easily waste T shirts, resulting in large color deviations.
8. Skilled technicians with many years of experience are required.
9. It requires more operator and has a high proportion of hand-made products.

dtg printer
antprint dtg printer machine

DTG Printer For Small Businesses

1. Suitable for any material and compatible with a wide range of T-shirt materials.
2. No plate making is required, printing is fast and low-cost, various output software can be used, and various file formats are supported.
3. Equipped with professional color management software, you can change the color anytime and anywhere without paying extra fees.
4. Completed inone step, print and take out immediately, meeting the needs of quick sample production and finished product.
5. One-piece printing can support template printing for large quantities, saving time and effort.
6. Full-color images are completed in one go, with progressive colors fully achieving photo quality effects, and the rejection rate is basically zero.
7. It only takes 30 minutes to master and produce high-quality products, no professional skills are required.
8. Computer operation requires no personnel dependence , and at the same time, there is plenty of room for upgrades.

Dtg Printing T Shirt Steps

Garment printing machines/T-shirt printers overcome various difficulties existing in traditional printing technology. It can print patterns directly on T-shirts and other fabrics, and also uses white ink to print high-fidelity color effects images on dark fabrics. Not only is it fast (one piece can be printed in 1 minute) and the effect is good (comparable to plate-making printing); when needed, the required number of pieces can be printed through simple operations, and it also supports full-color and high-definition printing. The environmentally friendly water-based pigment ink used in the operation of the garment printing machine/T-shirt printer creates a soft feel and elegant color tone of the printed parts.

The DTG printer printing process as the following four easy steps:

 (1) Edit your design in the computer → (2) put your tshirt on the dtg printer’s platform → (3) DTG Printing directly→ (4) Completed. Simple operating procedures and high-quality dyeing and painting create a low-cost and efficient production structure. It has the printing accuracy of professional photography. When the image is output, the color is bright and the effect is clear. It is also waterproof, sunproof, wear-resistant and washable.

Best Affordable A3 DTG Printer Price For Small Business

Now, we know the dtg printer is good for starting a small business, but how much is a dtg printer ? In our opinion, the business can step by step! Here we recommend you one great option AP-A3pro DTG Printer as below,

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