Customize m&m Candy Printer Edible Candy Print Machine

Easy Customize m&m Candy Printer Direct To Candy Print Machine With Edible Ink

Custom Candy Prints

  • Have you ever though make your candy be unique from the normal?
  • Do you want to print your picture or word on your candies?ย 
  • Do you want your candy to stand out?

custom printed candy

Yes, Antprint Food Printer that can help you do that! Food printer is a kind of multifunction inkjet printer that can print on the candy directly, the ink is the special edible ink, you can pirnt any colorful images on your candies directly! Just one set computer + 1 set candy food printer ! Operation is easy and fast!

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candy printing machine

Food Candy Printer Video

The process to print on your candy:

  1. Edit your images in your computer;
  2. import your images to the printing software, set the printing size and position information in the professional printing software.
  3. Put your candies on the printer platform.
  4. Click "Print" in your computer, and the printer will work automatically.


Different Size Candy Food Printer

For the candy food printer, there are different format, they have different printing speed with different format.

  • A4 size candy printer:ย with max printing format 21*30cm size.
  • A3 size candy printer:ย with max printing format 33*50cm size.
  • A2 size candy printer: with max printing format 60*50cm size.

There also have bigger size candy food printer, such as 60*90cm, 1.6*1.3 meter, 2.5*1.3meter etc.

different size candy food printers


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