Best Chocolate Printer Direct To Customize Print On Chocolate Bars Machine

Have you ever wanted to make your chocolate a little different?
Can the chocolates at the wedding be customized with loving words?
How about printing our wedding photos on chocolate?
Have you ever thought about giving a box of customized chocolates to the person you love as a gift of love?
---Yes, if you are also thinking about how to make chocolate unique, I believe a chocolate food printer would be a great choice!

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Chocolate Food Printer Features

1. Direct to print on the chocolate surface with special edible ink.
2. Easy to custom steps:
Edit your images in your computer and print out directly, the printing process is easy and printing speed is fast.
3.Can print both tex or photo on the chocolate.
4.The minimum order quantity is 1 piece

chocolate printer
chocolate printing machine

How Do You Print Logo / text / photo On Chocolate ?

Chocolate Food Printer is a kind of inkjet printer with food grade continue ink supply system. Based on the special edible ink color CMYK.LC.LM 6 color, people can be easy to print any text/logo/images on the chocolate surface directly. The chocolate custom printing process and speed is very easy and fast!

Print on Chocolates Process:
1. Choose the images what you want to print on the chocolate bars.
2. Edit your design in your computer, set the printing size for your chocolates.
3. Open your design by the printing software and click "print".
4. Printer will print your images on the chocolate surface automatically.
5. Chocolate printing completed.

custom chocolate photo printer

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