How To Make The Golden UV DTF Cup Wraps Transfers Sticker ?

New Technology About the Golden Color UV DTF Cup Wraps Transfers Sticker

UV DTF Prints can adapt to various packaging products of different shapes and sizes. The UV DTF Prints process can transfer a wide range of materials and has strong compatibility. It can be transferred on both flat and curved surfaces, which not only improves the flexibility of production. , and also brings more application possibilities to the packaging industry. The more visual impact of the golden UV DTF Prints process is more eye-catching and enhances the product style.

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Golden UV DTF Cup Sraps 

Golden UV DTF Prints breaks the limitation that hot stamping can only be directly stamped on items, it prints first and then transfers, making it more flexible to use. The unique three-dimensional effect of UV DTF wraps also enhances the overall appearance. However, it is still difficult to do local hot stamping well. It is necessary to ensure the brightness of the hot stamping part and the neat reading of the edges, and also take into account the three-dimensional transparency of the UV DTF printer process. For local hot stamping of UV DTF Prints, the colored pattern is also covered with a layer Varnish, bronzing technology and varnish effects coexist, bringing a stronger visual impact, and the process is more versatile, which can help customers expand product applications according to needs, increase product added value, and increase profits. Today I will tell you about the difficulties in the local hot stamping application of UV DTF Prints.

 Golden UV DTF Film Prints Video

New Technological Breakthrough - Golden UV DTF Prints

The UV DTF PRINTER process is quite groundbreaking, so how to deal with the varnish effect of patterns other than hot stamping?

  • Currently, ANTPRINT uses the reverse varnish method to achieve the coexistence of varnish and hot stamping. We pay attention to everything from printing to consumables. For example, the glue used is a unique formula developed after many experiments. It becomes sticky only after curing. It will not block the nozzle during the printing process and has more stable properties.
  • The second is how to ensure that the hot stamping edges are neat and clear without burrs. First of all, the hot stamping film we use is also specially developed for UV DTF Prints. It does not stick to ordinary varnish, has a higher fusion with the hot stamping varnish, and has a better local hot stamping effect. There is also a skill in the pressing temperature, so that the pattern of the hot stamping part we make can be very perfect.

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Golden UV DTF Prints Application

The practical application scope of UV DTF Prints partial foil stamping is still expanding. Hot stamping pictures and texts have a dazzling and magnificent visual effect, which can turn stones into gold and add the finishing touch. Now they are widely used in various industries such as textiles and clothing, paper, plastics, glass, electronic appliances, toys, gifts and handicrafts. The traditional hot stamping process is generally: hot stamping preparation - plate installation, pad - adjustment of hot stamping process parameters - trial hot stamping - sample signing - formal hot stamping. The process is complex and cumbersome, and requires a certain minimum printing volume. This year, with the further development of the golden UV DTF Prints process, the new Golden uv dtf decals process is not only simpler and faster, but also the overall finished product is more advanced. The color pattern is also covered with varnish, and the hot stamping process and varnish effects coexist. Printed, easy to use, wider range of use, and more efficient personalized customization.

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The customization of wine packaging labels has higher requirements on appearance, which is very suitable for the golden UV DTF sticker process. It has a unique 3D metallic luster and a strong visual impact. The biggest advantage of the Golden uv dtf cup wrap process compared with the traditional hot stamping process is that it does not require plate making and is printed in one step. The Golden uv dtf prints process with pattern and varnish uses a reverse double varnish printing process, a reverse varnish local hot stamping one-time molding process, and a colorful pattern It can also print a layer of varnish on the surface and the varnish on the color pattern will not be gilded during hot stamping. It is the only technical process in the Golden uv dtf sticker market at present. It is highly efficient and does not require plate making. It can be printed in one go and the price is compared with traditional methods. The hot stamping process is more affordable, convenient and fast, and has higher advantages than the cumbersome hot stamping process of flatbed printers.

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