Wall Printer VS Traditional Hand-Painted Murals

Direct To Wall Printer VS Traditional Hand-Painted Murals Method

3D wall mural printer - Direct To Gallery Wall Prints

Wall painter, also called wall printer, wall painter is a composite special equipment that can print on the wall intuitively. No material media is required. The ink cartridge is a water-based paint cartridge. The wall can intuitively see the ink cartridge adsorbing instantly, so similar to a UV printing machine, it can be printed and dried immediately, without fading, rain and sun protection. 

One of the core components of the wall printer is the industrial-grade all-in-one computer, which is a perfect combination of touch screen, LCD screen, industrial PC (commonly known as industrial touch computer host or industrial computer, hereinafter referred to as industrial all-in-one machine) and all-in-one machine casing , and finally a machine that can be operated by touch through the power cord.

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The industrial all-in-one machine manufacturer is equipped with the most reliable multi-point infrared touch screen at present, with zero touch delay and sensitive response. All controls are completed by touch on the screen surface instead of the mouse. Any object touched, including fingers and capacitive pens, can be directly clicked on the touch screen. Control all applications and easily achieve handwritten text entry, touch drawing, outdoor oil/waterproof/dustproof/high and low temperature resistance/high frequency and overclocking/long-term running use/etc. The performance is smooth, stable and reliable.

If you use an ordinary laptop or a built-in computer host, it cannot be used in a high temperature/humidity environment. At least so far, the editor has not heard of any monitor that is specially designed for waterproofing. Even if there is, the cost is less cost-effective than the market price of traditional monitors.


Summary Of Wall Printing Machine

Wall art printing machine import patterns directly into the printing software to automatically adjust colors and print on the wall. In other words, any pattern you want or even selfie pictures can be printed on the wall. It is relatively simple. , there is no need to adjust colors and make original pictures, and now there is a supporting library to directly select the pattern you want. The advantage is that it is simple, fast, low cost, and does not require high labor costs. The disadvantage is that it doesn't feel as soulful as hand-painted ones. Whats more, it not only can do the art wall prints, but also can do the custom glass prints wall art, metal prints wall art such different materials wall.


Summary Of Wall Hand-Painted Methods

Nowadays, there are still many places that still use hand-painted methods. The patterns and colors of hand-painted paintings are limited. After all, it depends on the skill of the hand-painted person. If it is too complicated, it cannot be painted.

The patterns of traditional hand-painted murals cannot be too complicated. There are often colors when converting gradient colors. The colors are all adjusted by the experience of the hand-painting artist. There is no guarantee in terms of speed. Once the manual hand-painting is partly wrong, it will be Paint the wall again and start over. The advantage of traditional hand-painting is that it is a highly artistic painting with strong softness and creativity. The disadvantages are high cost, simple patterns, and not as accurate and fast as machines in terms of time and complex patterns.

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Wall Printers VS Wall Hand-Painted Methods

Due to the needs of new rural construction, wall printer quickly became popular equipment in 2016. Because the price of the machine is moderate, the speed is stable, and it can be predicted when it will be completed. Government departments and campuses are also quite satisfied with the printing results. The labor cost is low, and the price in the processing market also has a large profit margin. Many customers can often recover the cost of the machine in 2-3 months. It has a wide range of uses: home background walls, children's animation rooms, school promotion walls, garden culture, attraction wall introductions, government propaganda slogans, etc.

Hand-painting is unparalleled in art, but commercially it can no longer keep up with market trends, and there is no room for the stability and price of hand-painted artists. Suitable for people who have artistic requirements.

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