What kind of printer do i need for dtf transfers ?

What Kind Of Printer Do I Need For DTF Transfers ?

  1. what does dtf mean in printing ?
  2. What kind of printer do i need for dtf transfers
  • DTF transfer Film*1 piece
  • DTF Hot Melt Powder * 1 kg
  • Heat Transfer Machine*1 set

fabric dtf transfer printer

What does dtf mean in printing?

  • DTF means direct to film print
  • DTF prints is an emerging printing process. The printing method is divided into two parts: transfer film printing and transfer processing. Transfer film printing uses dot printing (resolution up to 300dpi), and the pattern is pre-printed on the surface of the film. The printed patterns are rich in layers, bright in color, ever-changing, with small color difference and good reproducibility.
  • DTF transfer printer can meet the requirements of the pattern designer and are suitable for mass production; DTF Transfer processing uses DTF TRANSFER Printer to transfer the exquisite pattern on the product surface in one step (heating and pressure).
  • After molding, the ink layer and the product surface are integrated, making it lifelike and beautiful, which greatly improves the quality of the product. 

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What kind of printer do i need for dtf transfers ?

You must first understand the principles, and then make a more targeted choice!

There are two main types of printers currently on the market: piezoelectric printing and thermal foaming principles.

Piezoelectric printers do not change the chemical properties of thermal transfer ink just by changing the mechanical pressure. It is formed by changing the current size of the tiny piezoelectric ceramic chip in the print head through computer control to generate different pressures and eject the ink from the nozzle. Images of different shades;

other models such as HP and CANON printers are based on the thermal foaming principle. It heats the ink to form an ink column of high temperature and high pressure and prints it on the paper.

Although the price is cheap, it cannot be used for heat transfer! The reason is that when the thermal transfer ink passes through a high-temperature and high-pressure thermal foaming printer, its chemical composition will change. The printed paper cannot be thermally transferred or will have a serious color cast! The mature and stable thermal transfer consumables currently on the market are all based on the piezoelectric principle.

Of course, if there is demand, there will be a market! There are also people who are committed to developing printer consumables for thermal foaming working principles, but they are immature, have prominent color deviations and positioning deviations, and cannot meet actual printing needs!

To sum up, EPSON series, MIMAKI series, MUTOH, ROLAND, etc. all use micro-piezoelectric printing methods. Considering economy, practicality, printing quality and printing speed, EPSON series R230/290/etc. The best printer for personal thermal transfer printing! If you must choose the cheapest one, then consider the EPSOMMe series printer or buy a second-hand printer!

DTF Printer head *1 or 2 pcs:
It can be achieved with ordinary inkjet printers, such as Epson R230, R330, XP600, I3200, 4720, TX800, etc. You can choose according to your actual price.

DTF transfer Film*1 piece
Heat transfer paper is thermal transfer paper, which is only used to print patterns on clothes;

DTF Hot Melt Powder * 1 kg
Hot melt powder is used in printing of various textiles, leather and other materials and in the preparation of various glues. The glue produced has the characteristics of water resistance, good fastness, fast drying speed, not easy to block the network, and does not affect the color of the ink. It is a new environmentally friendly material.

Heating Machine*1 set

The heat transfer machine can transfer various heat transfers onto cotton, linen, chemical fiber and other fabrics, and can also perform heat treatment such as screen printing, gluing, foaming, etc., and can also Color codes, portrait photos, landscape patterns, etc. are baked on porcelain and metal plates. It is especially suitable for making medals, commemorative certificates, cultural shirts, etc. It is economical, practical, and has exquisite patterns. It is replacing traditional embroidery and screen printing, while the cost and effect are much lower and better than general embroidery and multi-color screen printing.

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