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Ball Pen UV Printer Features

A ball pen UV printer is a type of specialized inkjet printer designed to print directly onto the surface of ballpoint pens using LED UV (Ultraviolet) ink. UV Printing technology allows for detailed and colorful printing on pens, including logos, text, and graphics.

1.Printing on the ball pen directly;
2.Print with 3d embossment effect;
3.Both light and dark ball pen printing;
4.Drying at once;

Ball Pen UV Printing Process Video

1.Put your ball pen on the UV printer’s flatbed platform.
2.Configuration where the pen is placed horizontally on the printer bed.
3.UV printer moves over the pen, depositing UV ink onto its surface, print logo on the ball pen directly.
4.The UV light source within the printer cures the ink immediately after printing.
5.Custom printing ends.

UV Ink Adherence On Ball Pen

UV inks are formulated to adhere well to various materials, including plastics commonly used in ball pen manufacturing. This ensures that the printed design remains durable and doesn't easily chip or scratch off.

High Resolution and Color Quality

Ball pen UV printers can achieve high-resolution prints with vibrant colors. This is essential for printing intricate designs and detailed graphics on the relatively small surface area of a pen.

Speed and Efficiency

UV printing on pens is generally quick compared to traditional methods, as the UV ink dries instantly upon exposure to UV light. This allows for rapid production and turnaround times. You also can print several pens by one pass based on the pen adapters.

Customization and Personalization

These UV printers are popular for customization purposes. Businesses can use them to print company logos, promotional messages, or personalized designs directly onto pens. This is particularly useful for promotional merchandise or gift items.

uv printer for pen, phone case, usb drivers etc.

Versatility For Different Business Items

While primarily used for pens, UV printers can often handle other small items made from materials that are compatible with UV ink. This includes items like USB drives, keychains, phone cases, and more.

Overall, ball pen UV printers are a valuable tool for businesses looking to create custom promotional items or personalized gifts. They offer versatility, speed, and high-quality printing on a variety of small objects, including ballpoint pens. Welcome to send inquiry to us for the ball pen uv printer today!

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