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China Best Custom Phone Case UV Printer Special Photo UV Printing Machine For Phone Cases

The mobile phone case printer is a "non-contact with the object" inkjet printing high-tech digital printing equipment, people just need to custom his design in the computer and the printer can print out the design automatically!

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Custom Printed Phone Case Show

There are many different phone case with different materials, but there are tow main style:

  1. Soft shell: silicone soft shell and transparent soft shell.
  2. Hard shell: pp shell, pc shell, metal shell, leather case, glass case.

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UV Printer For Printing On Phone Case

UV Printer is a kind of multifunctional inkjet printer that can print most materials directly. Such as phone case, pvc cards, charger, golf ball, leather etc.

Advantage Of UV Printer:

  1. The mobile phone case printer image is waterproof, wear-resistant, has strong adhesion, does not fade, and is durable.
  2. Meet individual needs. Any personalized pattern the user wants can be designed and printed.
  3. Simple operation and strong stability. The printing process of mobile phone case UV printer is controlled by computer, from order receipt to mass production, and is not affected by environmental and human factors.
  4. The images are rich in color, clear and lifelike. It is difficult for traditional printing equipment to print more than 10 sets of colors, but the pictures printed by mobile phone case UV printers are rich in color, fine patterns, rich and clear layers, high in artistry, strong in three-dimensionality, and can also achieve special effects such as 3D relief.
  5. Supports multiple printing modes (white and color printing, white ink printing only, color ink printing only, etc.), and also has a white skip function, which can save users more time.
  6. Multiple different printing tasks can be loaded at one time and printed sequentially to improve efficiency.

Phone Case UV Printing Video

Start A Phone Case Printing Business

The profit margin of mobile phone case customization mainly comes from the differentiated design of products and customized services. Generally speaking, an ordinary mobile phone case may be sold for between 2-5 US dollars, while the price of high-end or customized mobile phone cases may be as high as $10 -$50 or more.

Therefore, if you can provide unique and attractive designs, the profit margins of the mobile phone case customization business will be very considerable.

Especially for high-end customized products that use unique materials or design elements. Generally speaking, the profit margin of mobile phone case customization and creative mobile phone case business can reach 60-120% or even higher, but the specific profit margin needs to be determined according to individual circumstances.

What equipment is needed to start a creative customization business for mobile phone cases?

  • 1set Phone case UV printer
  • One set computer 
  1. UV printing equipment: used to print designs or images onto mobile phone protective cases.
  2. Design software: used to design and edit patterns or images of mobile phone protective cases. Commonly used design software include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, etc.

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