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Make Your Acrylic Stand Out From The Crowd

Customize your life to show your personality. Use acrylic uv printing to give every moment a unique mark. From thoughtful gifts to brand logos, customized design will make your unique style come true. Create with us and make each work a unique treasure, witnessing the deep imprint of time and emotion

Now, you just need one set uv printer can help you make the acrylic be colorful, beautiful and soulful

UV Printer For Acrylic

UV inkjet printer is a special type of printing device that uses an ultraviolet (UV) light source to dry or cure ink or coatings, causing them to solidify almost instantly during the printing process. This printing technology is ideal for high-resolution printing on a variety of materials, including acrylic. Acrylic, also known as polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), is a transparent plastic material that is often used to make signs, displays, promotional materials, etc. Flatbed UV printer are widely used on acrylic because it can achieve high-quality, high-resolution printing effects and can print detailed images and designs.

Steps For UV Printer To Print On acrylic

1. Clean the acrylic surface to be printed: The acrylic surface needs to be cleaned and the surface must be flat to ensure the quality and accuracy of the print.

2. Edit the pictures or texts to be printed: The designer designs or prepares the images, texts or patterns to be printed on the acrylic as needed.

3. Set up the flatbed UV printer printing software: Place the acrylic on the printer work platform and adjust the position and fixing method as needed.

4. Start acrylic UV printing: Send the designed image to the UV printer and start the printing process. During the printing process, the UV lamp cures the ink or coating and prints the image directly on the acrylic surface.

5. Post-processing of acrylic UV printing: After the printing is completed, some post-processing work may be required, such as cleaning the printing surface, trimming the edges, or adding other decorative effects.

UV Printed Acrylic Application

The application of UV printer on acrylic has high flexibility and creativity, and can achieve a variety of effects, from simple logos to complex artworks. At the same time, the fast curing characteristics of UV printing technology also mean fast printing speed and high production efficiency, so it has been widely used in many industries, such as advertising, logos, exhibitions, gifts and other fields.

How to remove uv print from acrylic

After UV printing on acrylic, it is usually cured, which means that the ink or paint has been cured by ultraviolet light during the printing process, forming a strong connection with the acrylic surface. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the image printed on acrylic by UV will not be easily wiped off.

However, this does not mean that acrylic cannot be wiped off after UV printing: if you can soak the acrylic in alcohol, the printed pattern will generally fall off in the end, because UV ink is most afraid of alcohol.

Acrylic UV Printer Price

The price of UV printers varies by brand, specifications, and features, and can range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here are some general price ranges from ANTPRINT:

1. Desktop UV printers: These UV printers(such as a4/a3 uv printer) are suitable for small workshops or individual users, and the price is usually between a few thousand dollars and ten thousand dollars.

2. Medium-sized UV flatbed printers(A2, 6090 uv printer): These UV printers are suitable for medium-sized production needs, and the price is usually between ten thousand dollars and two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

3. Large-scale UV flatbed printers (1.6*1.3m / 2.5*1.3m/2.5*3m uv printer): These UV printers are suitable for large-scale production or the need for a larger printing area, and the price is usually above two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and can even reach millions of dollars.

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