Flatbed UV Glass Printer Direct To Glass Photo Prints Machine

UV Glass Printer For Printing On The Glass

There are many different solution to custom print on the glass products, but glass uv printing is the newest and easiest way to make your design photos on the glass products.

1. The UV glass printer is simple to use. This machine does not require plate making, printing, and repeated color registration steps. It does not require various types of tools and materials required for screen printing and thermal transfer printing. Using ours, you only need to prepare an ordinary computer. One machine operator can perform the printing operation completely independently, saving manpower and material resources, and the method is simple and can be done immediately. The experience requirements for the machine operator are low, as long as he knows simple image processing software.
2. Input the pattern into the computer. Copy the picture you took with the digital camera to the computer, and use Photoshop to process the picture size. Create images that fit the glass dimensions
3. Turn on the glass uv printre and place the blank glass on the machine operating platform!
4. Adjust the printing height of the nozzle and click the print button on the computer
5. Take out the uv printed glass.

glass uv printer

UV Glass Printer Main Feature

1. Dry at once;
2. Can print with 3d embossment effect.
3. Mirror printing and normal printing style.
4. Waterproof & sunrpoof & scratchproof.

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uv printed glass bottles

Direct To Print on The Glass Bottles

Rotary for bottles printing with 360 degree.
UV printer not only can print on the flatbed glass surface, but also can print on the glass bottles based on the help of rotary, it not only can print with small logo size, but also can print around with 360 degree.

How about the quality of the printed glass bottles
UV printing is a high-quality, durable printing method that can print images and text directly on a variety of materials, including bottles. Therefore, the UV printing onto the bottle is not easy to fall off.

UV printing uses ultraviolet curing ink. Through high temperature and ultraviolet light treatment, the ink dries quickly and combines with the material surface to form a solid printing effect. Therefore, even if the bottle is often rubbed or scratched, the UV printing is not easy to fade or fall off.

Of course, the durability of UV printing is also related to factors such as the quality of the ink, the printing method, and the quality of the materials.

UV DTF Film Transfer Sticker On The Glass

UV Printer not only can print on the glass surface directly, but also can print on the uv dtf film and then transfer stick on the glass bottles. If you bottle size is too big to print, or the glass products shape are not regular, uv dtf printing will be a nice solution for custom glass as well!

Print With 3d embossment effect On Glass

UV printing is an advanced printing technology that can produce stunning three-dimensional effects through high resolution and precision, personalized printing, durability and wide application, providing designers with more creativity space, while also making the piece more eye-catching and long-lasting.

When using the 3d relief effect, the UV printer can produce raised patterns or text on the printing surface, making it look layered and three-dimensional. This effect is achieved by applying high-intensity UV light to solidify the ink volume in specific areas after printing. Compared with traditional flat printing, UV printing relief effect can make the glasses design more vivid and eye-catching.

uv printed glass materials with 3d embossment effect

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